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Why Autism Sufferers Usually Genius?

You may be one of the many people who believe that the people who suffered from autism are usually good at counting, using logic, or create a magnificent work of art. Call it Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Mozart. They are historical figures who are believed to be the genius.

However, did you know that all three have one thing in common, namely to have autism? From many other examples, the community eventually built the conclusion that people with autism are usually intelligent and very talented in a certain field.

What distinguishes the person with autism brain with others?

Autism is a spectrum that describes various types of disturbances in brain development. Because the coverage is extensive, every person who suffered from autism will show different symptoms.

However, in most cases, common symptoms that can be observed is the difficulty of communicating, interacting socially, expressing emotions and feelings, as well as understand the circumstances surrounding environment. Usually, symptoms of autism have emerged since childhood and until today there is no medicine that can cure autism entirely.

People with autism are experiencing a disruption in the frontal lobe (the front part of the brain) and posterior (the back of the brain). The second part of the brain is supposed to work within harmony. However, in the brains of people with autism, there is a connection problem on certain parts so that the brain could not work in sync.

The mindset of people with autism

Due to a connection problem on parts of the brain, people with autism have a way of thinking and processing information. Their memory is generally very good and clear. They could have given the information or event past with very detailed. However, those difficulties to connect the memory with a certain emotion such as sad, happy, or angry.

Emotions, feelings, behaviors, and personality are governed by the frontal lobe of the brain. If this part is compromised, certainly its functions will also be reduced. People with autism will also be difficult to understand and control your emotions, feelings, behaviors, and personality of himself as well as others.

This is what causes some people with autism difficult to interact and build strong relationships with others. They have trouble making sense of whether facial expressions you make means you're happy or disappointed. They themselves are sometimes unable to express what they feel and what the cause. Thus, people with autism can just sulk suddenly for some reason. They usually do not like change and things that could not be predicted.

As for the Affairs of the reading patterns, counting, and draws conclusions logically, those who are in the autism spectrum typically thus far more proficient than most people. Not a few children with autism already fluent reading at the age of 3 years. They are also able to absorb much of the vocabulary and work on math for elementary school students (elementary school).

Thanks to their ability to understand the patterns properly, people with autism tend to be good at playing an instrument. In addition, the sharp visual memory coupled with the imagination made those who suffered from autism as an artist or an accomplished painter.

Why autism sufferers usually intelligent?

You might wonder, then what is causing people with autism usually intelligent and expert in a particular field? So far it is still carried out various studies to find out whether the person with autism is sure to be a genius if given the opportunity of emphasizing the potential of him.

The researchers agreed that the following factors be the reason why many people with autism have a level of intelligence.

1. Very high Concentration

Unlike most people, those who are in the autism spectrum is able to maintain the focus and concentration to one particular thing. However, they do sometimes difficult to divide the concentration for many things at once.

Because of the magnitude of the attention poured in one particular case, people with autism usually quickly mastered the new material he had learned. Examples include when they are presented with a math problem or code in a computer program.

2. Memory sharp

People with autism typically intelligent because they can easily remember things ever seen. When they see a parent or teacher to play a musical instrument, they will record the incident well in its memory.

Then, when it was their turn to try to own the instrument, they will immediately roll back the memory when you play the instrument and imitate it exactly. So is the case with mathematical formulas, physics, or grammar.

3. Pay attention in detail

One of the reasons those who suffered from autism have a keen memory is attention to detail. According to them, no detail is too small to be observed. That's why when people with autism are faced with a problem, they can quickly find the root of the problem and find the right solution.

4. Rely more on logic than emotions

A recent study conducted by King's College in the United Kingdom found that people who are in the autism spectrum tend to rely more on logic than emotions when making decisions.

On certain occasions, the ability of an objective decision is indeed very important. Rather than relying on fear, anger, or a happy sense of demonstrative evidence, people with autism prefer to consider the reasons for the logical and objective in making important decisions.

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