Tuesday, March 19, 2019

This Is The List of 5 Foods For Osteoarthritis Sufferers of Abstinence

Osteoarthritis (arthritis of the knee) is a type of arthritis that is quite common, especially in adults. Such inflammation causes severe joint pain accompanied by swelling. The symptoms will continue to worsen if the patient consumes foods that trigger inflammation. For that reason, patients should pay attention to food choices. Yuk, check out some food for sufferers of osteoarthritis to be avoided here.

List of food abstinence for sufferers osteoarthritis

So the inflammation doesn't spread and grow worse, food choices for patient osteoarthritis must be observed. Some foods that should be avoided include:

1. Food or drink sugared

Sugared food such as soda, sweet tea, candy, or cake, it is sweet and indulgent of the tongue. Unfortunately, the restrictions included in the list of foods sufferer osteoarthritis to be consumed. Why? Sugar can trigger the release of cytokines, i.e. a small protein that carries the signal inflammation in the body. As a result, the inflammatory reaction will occur and make your joints strained so increasingly weak.

Although sugared foods that are not good, you can still use natural sweeteners such as honey as his successor. However, its use should be restricted, Yes. In addition, the food refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, potato chips can trigger painful joints. These foods stimulate the production of oxidants that could increase inflammation in the body.

2. Foods contain a lot of salt

Salty foods indeed keep you hooked and want to eat again and again. Though tasty on the tongue, these foods contain a lot of sodium so so food abstinence for sufferers of osteoarthritis.  High sodium levels cause the cells of the body to retain water. As a result, swelling in the joints will be even greater and the risk of damage to the joints will progressively increase.

To apply the dietary salt on the food, use herbs instead. Add more garlic, paprika, pepper, or the juice of a lime or lemon on Your dishes.

3. Foods high in saturated fat

French fries, Donuts, burgers and other junk food foods contain saturated fat. Chemical compounds results from frying food can increase cholesterol in the body so that the inflammation so severe growing.

In addition, these foods also tend to make your weight goes up. This will add to the pressure on the joints in the knees You are already problematic. In addition to avoiding fast food, frying food for sufferers of osteoarthritis should use olive oil or corn oil.

4. Foods containing omega 6 fatty acids

All of the nutrients will nourish the body if simply applied balanced. One of omega 6 fatty acids which are instrumental to the formation of cells and preventing inflammation. If simply applied excessively, instead of preventing inflammation of the fatty acids, even making the inflammation so got worse. Usually, these fatty acids exist in the egg yolk or red meat.

5. Milk

In some people, dairy products can increase inflammation and trigger pain in the joints. So, always pay attention to how your body's reaction after consuming processed foods from the milk.  If an uncomfortable reaction comes after consuming dairy products from animals or goat, replace it with soy milk or almond milk which is more secure.

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