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Suggestions and Abstinence of Food While Wearing Stirrup

So decided to wear stirrup, then you should also start to look at what types of food you consume. Because some types of food can get caught in the stirrup, the gap is too hard to affect the position of the stirrup, or even cause damage to the stirrup and the surrounding tooth area.

Anything that can be eaten while wearing Stirrup?

The types of food that can be consumed while wearing Stirrup textured food was normal until the software as follows:

1. Cooked Vegetables
For users of raw vegetables, mostly Stirrup is usually too hard to eat right away. But, don't worry. You can still be get round by boiling, steaming, or cook the vegetables until soft texture. This way quite effective when you want to eat vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and cucumber.

2. Eggs
The egg has a texture that is gentle enough for users of the Stirrup so safely consumed every day. You don't have to worry will be running out of ideas when cooking eggs, as this nutrient-rich food ingredients can be processed into a variety of tasty dishes that are healthy. For example, scrambled egg, fried egg, until the omelet contents of cheese and peppers.

3. Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes can be an alternative carbohydrate substitute rice, especially during the first few days wearing Stirrup. The food is very easy to make and can be creations into a variety of interesting dishes so you won't get bored quickly. It was only after the Stirrup is strong enough and pain in teeth fade away, you can try eating boiled potatoes that are more dense-textured.

The food is best avoided when wearing Stirrup

The following foods are best avoided because it can affect the position and the function of the Stirrup.

1. Hard Fruits
The fruit is an important element in a balanced nutritious diet, but you must customize the kinds of fruits that are consumed during the use of the Stirrup. Stirrup stuck in teeth affect the ability to chew. Meanwhile, avoid fruits like apples, pears, peaches, as well as the immature fruit.

2. Nuts and Berries
Most nuts and seeds can actually be consumed by users of the Stirrup. However, there are also types of nuts and seeds that are best avoided, such as dried corn, wheat, peanuts, almonds, and linseed (flaxseed). Not just loud, food ingredients can also be tucked in between the cracks of the stirrup and difficult issued.

3. Red Meat
Eating red meat can be a challenge when wearing Stirrup because red meat is composed of fibers that are tough. You need to try harder to stop eating so that the wire be the loose molar area. In addition, fibers of the meat can also be caught in the Stirrup or gaps between teeth.

4. Other Foods
Other foods that you should avoid when wearing Stirrup is as follows:

  • Food crisp like popcorn and potato chips
  • Candy sweet, chewy, or sticky
  • Chewy or tough foods such as pizza or bread suburban France
  • The food must be bitten into like roasted corn and beef ribs

The suggestion to eat does not immediately become restrictions if you want to live a nutritious balanced diet. When certain foods cannot be consumed because of harsh texture, you can look for other alternatives are no less healthy. So, wearing Stirrup will not become an obstacle to living a good lifestyle.

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