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So That he Teeth Don't Have Arthritis, These 4 Foods That Should be Avoided After a Pair of Stirrup

Typically, a pair of Stirrup will make your teeth become more sensitive, can even cause pain while eating and drinking. In addition, the food you eat also affects the process of restoration of the teeth and the resilience of the Stirrup. This is why the dentist usually advises you to avoid certain types of food after a pair of Stirrup.

Variety of food abstinence after a pair of Stirrup

The following food types need to be avoided for a while so as not to cause damage to the Stirrup or trapped between the teeth gap isn't affordable.

1. Hard fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins and minerals to the body. However, you need to look at what types of fruits and vegetables consumed after a pair of Stirrup. Do not select hard fruits and vegetables so as not to change the shape of the archwire stirrup and prevent the outbreak of certain parts in the Stirrup.

In the meantime, avoid consumption of apples, pears, broccoli, carrots, jicama, and fruits and vegetables that are still raw. If you want to continue taking any kind of fruits and vegetables, you can steamed it in advance until texture becomes more tender.

2. Red meat

Red meat has many benefits for your health, but you need to avoid it after installing the Stirrup. Red meat is composed of many fibers make it difficult rough chewed and can be tucked away in the gap tooth. Chewing a lot of red meat may also give rise to a sense of the land and resulting in bone wire Stirrup around molars.

You can consume the other alternative such as chicken, fish, or vegetable source of protein in the form of tofu and Tempe. If ever you need to consume red meat, choose a piece of meat is low in fat is soft and small cut before being processed to make it more tender.

3. Nuts, seeds, and whole-grain

Nuts and seeds have small size and texture that is hard so not recommended for consumption after a pair of Stirrup. Impose the teeth to chew the nuts and seeds will increase the risk of wire twisted into Stirrup so that the position of the teeth changed the direction of undue hardship.

The majority of grain such as wheat, whole flax seed, and chia seeds also need to be avoided for a while. Because the grains are very small so more easily tucked in the crack of the stirrup and difficult to be expelled. In order to still be able to obtain its benefits, you can consume in the form of nut butter or grains that have been mashed.

4. Food is chewy and gooey

Not only candy, anything chewy and sticky textured is abstinence after installing the Stirrup. What kind of food or snacks with a texture like this can stick in between the cracks of the stirrup and difficult to clean up. As a result, the surface of the stirrup and teeth can be damaged.

Soft textured foods such as types of cheese should be friendly with Stirrup can also be sticky when chewed. Although often does not damage the stirrup, you need to be careful in choosing the type of cheese to avoid risk is sticking to the stirrup and the gap teeth.

A tooth that has undergone a very vulnerable Stirrup decay due to lack of hygiene and food scraps. This is why users of the Stirrup must be extra careful in taking care of stirrup and choose food, especially during the first few weeks after a pair of Stirrup.

Although there are limitations in food consumption, it doesn't mean you can't eat a varied and nutritious food is balanced. You can stratagem it
by choosing alternative foodstuffs containing nutrients are similar or cook it in advance so as not to complicate when chewed.

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