Thursday, March 21, 2019

Safe Cycling Tips for the Elderly so That the Body Remains Fit at Dusk

No different than any other age group, the elderly also need exercise to maintain health. The type of the selected sports certainly must be tailored to the capabilities of the elderly body considering his condition is no longer as strong as it once was. Cycling can be the solution, but you still need to apply for the elderly so that cycling tips this activity can be done safely.

The benefits of cycling for the health of the elderly

Cycling including in sports aerobics is good for the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. This sport has a number of benefits to health, including maintaining a healthy circulatory system, increasing the strength and flexibility of muscles, improve posture and balance the body, strengthens bones, as well as trim the fat.

Compared to other types of sports, cycling is relatively more easy to do by the elderly. In addition, cycling also has other advantages such as:

  • the risk of injury is lower
  • requires no special basic capabilities
  • can be done with different intensity, from mild to severe
  • efficient and can be used as transport
  • train your entire body
  • can improve strength, stamina, and fitness

Beginner cycling tips for the elderly

Undergoing a routine of cycling as early as possible is certainly better than the start time of affliction. However, it does not mean that the elderly do not have the opportunity to live a healthy life. You can still gain the benefits of cycling although recently started it at the age of 50, 60, even 70 years.

The first tip for those of you who started cycling at the age of 50 years is still active moves. The more you move, the more supple your muscles. Elastic muscle will avoid you from the risk of injury or sprain. You can also do mild exercise such as yoga and pilates to optimize its benefits.

Meanwhile, the elderly who started cycling at the age of 60 years need to be more careful in carrying out this routine. One of the tips it is recommended that the activities of cycling stay safe is by modifying the bike according to your needs. Do not forget to continuously monitor blood pressure regularly, especially if you increase intensity cycling.

The condition of the body of the elderly aged 60 years and over is certainly different to someone aged 40-50 years. Instead of undergoing heavy-intensity exercise in the long term, you can start it with mild cycling as far as several kilometers.

Safe cycling tips for the elderly

Before you start cycling, make sure that you meet all the required preparation. Prepare your body get used to actively moving, please complete the required equipment for cycling, and checking yourself to a doctor when there is a health condition into consideration.

Once ready, make sure also that you have implemented the safe cycling tips as follows:

  • use of a protective helmet, elbow, and knee protectors
  • set the position of the bicycle seat as comfortable as possible to reduce the risk of back pain and lumbar
  • using a new bike or bike with good conditions
  • use clothes with colors that are easily seen by pedestrians
  • installing a rearview mirror on a small bicycle handlebar for increased vigilance
  • bring drinking water during cycling
  • cycling tracks are appropriate and comply with the traffic signs while crossing Highway
  • rest as needed and not force me

Other tips are not to be missed is to increase vigilance during cycling. If necessary, you can invite a family member or friend to do these activities together. In addition to safer, exercising with the family will be more enjoyable.

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