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Is It True That Regular Sex Can Prevent Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a deadly disease and most often strike women, although men can also experience it. Breast cancer is also the leading cause of the high mortality rate compared to other cancers. Thus, breast cancer is an important concern that should be avoided. Various prevention is done to reduce the risk of this cancer. One of them is through sex, but what is the true sex can prevent breast cancer?

Preventing breast cancer with sex, myth or fact?

Offered in the pages of the Healthline, sex as one of the things that could prevent breast cancer, for women who have sex through the vagina have a lower risk against breast cancer than those who did not.

During sexual intercourse, the passion will be increased until finally reaching an orgasm. While that hormone levels increased hardness, "happiness". Two of these happiness hormones are oxytocin and DHEA are able to keep free of breast cancer cells.

A study showed that women who have sex more than once a month had a lower risk of breast cancer than those who were less sexually active.

In addition, men who do at least 7 times an orgasm in a month at the age of 50-an have a lower chance of experiencing breast cancer guy. Sex can also help prevent breast cancer in ways other

Sex is like a sport that can prevent cancer

According to Dr. Jay Harness K, MD, FACS sex it like a sport, which stimulates the cardiovascular system well. One of cancer prevention is to do regular exercise.

A cardiologist stated that exercises like sex with medium intensity. While at the peak of orgasm, the ticking of the SAC may reach 110 beats per minute, comparable to when you walk or jog.

Although sex can't replace the whole sports positions, the calories burned while making sex body so more active. Sex can trim about 5 calories per minute, this would trigger the heart works well and eventually coached various muscles.

When the body is more active, the body will lower hormone levels, such as insulin and estrogen, and abnormal growth factors including the growth of cancer cells. Increasingly high levels of insulin and estrogen increase the risk of the occurrence of breast cancer.

Sex also improves the immune system against cancer

Research from University Wikes showed that people involved in sex once or twice a week to have the level of antibodies against infection by as much as 30 percent higher than those who did not do so.

This is a good immune system would be able to fight off cancer cells more optimal. Thus, sex can help prevent breast cancer even though not directly, but by keeping the immune system.

Stress so the risk factors of cancer can be lost due to sex

Stress is one of the risk factors of cancer including breast cancer. By setting the stress then this helps the body reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Offered in the page Medical News Today, when a person undergoes stress, cells of the body will naturally produce several substances, including ATF3, i.e. a gene carrier inside the body that appears when stressed.

If the substance is too many in number, it will interfere with the workings of cells and eventually develop into cancer cells. Not only that, these substances cause cancer cells readily spread to other parts of the body so that the development of cancer very quickly. That's why the avoidance of stress is one of the things that are important to prevent cancer.

Sex could be one way of lowering the risk of stress. Offered in the pages of the Healthline, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital said that a regular sex life gives long-term satisfaction with one's mental health.

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