Monday, March 18, 2019

Did Osteoporosis Turn Out Could Increase Your Risk Of Dementia, Why?

Enter the phase of age, usually the ability to communicate, to think, as well as considering starting to weaken. A series of these symptoms normally occur and it is part of the aging process, known as dementia. The presence of damage to the brain cells is often considered as the main reason for dementia. Interestingly, the new facts proving that osteoporosis is one of the risk factors which act as a cause of dementia. How can that be?

Osteoporosis could be one of the causes of dementia

A study conducted on a large scale by the epidemiological team IQVIA, a company related to health science in Germany, involving approximately 60 thousand participants and conducted for approximately 20 years.

Prof. Karel Kostev, Dr. P., as the research team, revealed that this was the first study based on top of the possibility of the disease osteoporosis could be a cause of dementia.

The results of a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease showed that as much as 20.5 percent of the women who suffered osteoporosis and 16.4 percent who do not have been diagnosed with dementia. While in men, dementia experienced by about 22 percent who suffered osteoporosis and 14.9 percent of normal.

If seen from the results of the study, people who experience dementia more occur in groups that have a history of osteoporosis before.

Why is osteoporosis can cause dementia?

Osteoporosis is a condition of fragile bones are indeed common in the elderly. Well, now Your probably wondering what to do illness that attacked this bone functions with dementia, which attacks the brain function.

There are several theories that may explain this, according to Louis Jacob, MD, one of the researchers, that the first possibility is due to osteoporosis and dementia have similar risk factors — i.e., ApoE4 of apolipoprotein E.

Not only that, the set of factors that owned the two very different medical conditions also include low levels of vitamin K, vitamin D, androgen hormones, and estrogen hormones. All things similar to this then increases the risk of osteoporosis and dementia.

Unfortunately, scientists admit there is still a deficiency in this great research. The main limitation i.e. not yet involving observations about daily lifestyle risk factors, against a decrease in bone mineral density linked to osteoporosis.

But do not close the possibility that daily habits such as drinking alcohol, physical activity, and smoking have their fair share of events other osteoporosis and dementia.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent it?

According to research, osteoporosis can be one of the factors the causes of dementia. Thus, if you do not want to experience this nerve problem, should also prevent the disease osteoporosis.

Good habits are the most famous in the prevent osteoporosis i.e. routine exercise. Because the bone will be work, the better the routine when you train it with sports movements. In contrast, the bones can weaken even a loss of functionality when not diligently trained.

You can start with any sport, whether it's jogging, gymnastics, swimming, yoga, tai chi, and lifting weights. Most importantly, do the fundamental capacity of your body. Do not forget, try to always get the intake of various nutrients, particularly vitamin D and calcium, which can help strengthen bones.

As much as possible, reduce or even avoid the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, carbonated beverages, and that estimate could also trigger a porous bone, reported by the Web page of the MD.

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