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Breast Pain and Swelling? Caution The Symptoms Of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

There are many types of breast cancer. One of the rarest and malignant breast cancer is inflammation (inflammatory breast cancer). Said to be fierce because this type of breast cancer could develop very quickly, in a matter of days or weeks until several months only. What sort of characteristics of inflammatory breast cancer?

Brief info about inflammatory breast cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer or in unfamiliar terms called inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of cancer that causes the breasts became swollen and her skin flushed. Breast changes are caused by cancer cells in the lymph vessels that hinders the skin of the breast.

This rare cancer quite aggressive and can evolve very quickly. Inflammatory breast cancer commonly strikes women aged 50.

What are the characteristics of inflammatory breast cancer?

Inflammatory breast cancer does not cause a lump like breast cancer in General. But even though there are no visible characteristic bumps, there are various features of other inflammatory breast cancer you need to beware.

Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms usually appear and continue to develop within the first three to six months.

To be able to recognize this condition, you can see it from a variety of the following symptoms:

1. Change the color on the breast

The characteristics of early inflammatory breast cancer that you can observe is a change in color of the skin of the breast. Can be red, pink, purplish too.

Skin discoloration can look like bruises so usually ignored. Therefore, it should not ignore the bruises in your breast that comes suddenly without apparent cause.

2. Breast feels the pain

Just as typically, inflammatory breast cancer will cause breast pain and feels warm when touched. Taste the pain will be more intense when the breast is pressed. The pain also generally appear quite disturbing when you sleep on your back or for wearing a bra.

In addition to pain and warm when touched, this rare cancer breast itch also causes especially the area around the nipples.

3. Breast Skin like orange peel texture

The characteristics of other inflammatory breast cancer you need to beware of are the breast skin texture changed rough resembling orange peel.

If you have this, then you need to check immediately to the doctor.

4. Change the condition of a nipple

Inflammatory breast cancer will cause nipple shape suddenly changed. Can be flattened with the surrounding skin areas or thus entered into (the nipple upside down).

To test whether Your flat or inverted nipples, put your thumb and forefinger around the areola and press gently.

The normal nipple will move forward after pinch while putting that evenly not will show the movement, either out of or into. When the nipple is inverted, so when You kneaded it would still be inside, not stand out.

However, not all people who have flat or inverted nipples have certainly suffered inflammatory breast cancer. In some conditions, the nipples are still classified as normal and not a harbinger of serious health problems.

To that end, observe other symptoms to distinguish which one is normal and which includes the type of cancer.

5. The enlarged lymph nodes

Inflammatory breast cancer can make the enlarged lymph nodes. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor if locations like down the lymph nodes of the neck, armpits, and above the collarbone suffered swelling.

6. Change of breast size

This rare type of breast cancer can cause breast enlarged and thickened increasingly. Generally only on one side of the breast only.

Breast swelling next to typically caused by cancer cells that cause inflammation in the tissue side of the breast.

However, in some cases inflammation thus making breasts shrink unexpectedly.

Come On, BE AWARE!

Inflammatory breast cancer should not be underestimated. That's why it is important for each woman to perform a breast exam (REALIZE) as well as the detection of breast cancer risk in the doctor as early as possible.

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