Tuesday, March 19, 2019

7 Quick Tips Recovering After Appendicitis Surgery

Appendicitis surgery including action that's light enough so that patients would be allowed to go home two to three days afterward. However, it does not mean postoperative recovery process Appendix until there alone, Yes. So a quick activity such as readily, you can do some stuff here that can speed up recovery after an appendicitis operation.

Recovery tips after surgery appendectomy

Most patients after the operation of appendicitis are usually still needed painkillers. Others may be just drinking enough antibiotics alone. In addition to drugs, the following are some of the ways in order for recovery after appendicitis operation did not last long. 

1. Gentle exercise

After 1 week the operation of appendicitis, You will feel very tired. Therefore, taking medication on a regular basis it is necessary to be able to have activity actively, but certainly should rest a lot. Try to run 2-3 times per day, does not need to belong. This can reduce the risk of blood clots after surgery and help the recovery process. 

2. Avoid fatty foods

After an appendicitis operation, probably should limit the food and beverages you consume. Avoid fatty foods during the first few days because it can cause diarrhea or nausea after surgery.

3. Reduce coughing and lifting weights

Begin to practice deep breathing 10 times every hour and at least 2 times a cough every 12 hours per day. It is recommended to do the first week after the operation of appendicitis, so being able to reduce the risk of lung and related pneumonia. 

Try to put a pillow over the stitching operation and pushing it down gently when coughing. This is done in order to reduce the pressure on the former stitches. In addition, you are also not recommended to lift heavy loads, so it does not interfere with the former stitches in your stomach. 

4. Do not wear tight clothing

Try not to wear clothes that are tight after the operation is done. This can cause friction between second-hand clothes with stitches, so that can cause discomfort and pain. Therefore, wear clothing that is loose enough so that you are more comfortable, so could speed up recovery after an appendicitis operation. 

5. Divert the mind from pain

Adequate rest is important, but sometimes at certain moments of pain arise after surgery. Although it is a reasonable thing, try to rest while doing activities that can distract the taste. For example, listen to a song or read a book, at least activities that do not require a large workforce.

6. Keep the sutures clean

Be sure to keep the area of the former stitches is kept clean after the operation of an appendectomy. Don't forget also to pay attention to whether there are signs of infection. Please contact your doctor if redness or swelling around the area. In addition, the infection can also occur if you feel pain or a fever over 38 ° C.

7. Routine medication

In addition to the tips above, routine medication given by doctors is a duty not to be missed. If you are taking any medication pain reliever anti, try to eat first. That is because when we eat the drug in an empty stomach, the stomach can cause nausea.

Keep in mind that the process of recovery after operation of appendicitis require a process. Nothing is instant to avoid a perceived pain post-surgery. Therefore, if the pain gets worse, consult your physician. Ask why it happened and how to treat it.

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