Sunday, March 17, 2019

4 Tips for Effective Healing Swollen Gums Due to Wear Braces

Braces or Stirrup fitted to spruce up and repairing messy teeth or jaws are not aligned. However, many who complained of swollen gums because of a pair of Stirrup. Well, how, Yes, treat swollen gum because of wear Stirrup?

How to treat swollen gums because of wear Stirrup

If you install new stirrup, perhaps you will feel discomfort, pain, and difficulty chewing. Not up there, usually because of swollen gums will also wear Stirrup.

Actually, this is normal because you are adapting to the existence of a new tool in the mouth. However, if left will cause irritation or mouth problems. Well, there are several ways that you can do to treat swollen gums because of wear Stirrup.

1. Use a soft toothbrush

If you wear stirrup, select a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Usually, the type of toothbrush recommended i.e. interdental toothbrush. More effective interdental toothbrush clean the dental plaque is attached to.

Well, this way can fairly treat swelling on gums because of the use of the Stirrup. The reason, diligently brushing with a soft brush, then there will be no plaque or dirt that accumulate. After brushing, use antibacterial mouthwash or warm water already mixed with salt.  

2. Compress the mouth with ice cubes

One of the simplest ways to overcome swollen gums are wearing compress ice cubes in the mouth outside the sections or drinking cold water can also alleviate pain and reduce swelling in the mouth.

3. Avoid activities that could irritate the braces

In addition to the plaque, the irritation of braces sometimes also makes the pain appears. Well to solve gums sore and swollen due to the stirrup, avoid chewing foods that are too hard, bite nails or close the pens. Reduce tobacco consumption due to treating swollen gums.

4. Reducing sugar consumption

The use of the Stirrup must also be accompanied by a balanced diet. Why? One of the causes of swollen gums is a pile of dental plaque due to consuming too many foods that contain sugar, such as popcorn, chewing gum, and food that's easy sticky in the teeth. Therefore, reduce the consumption of sugar to treat swollen gums.

The bottom line of dental hygiene is a very important thing for either user braces or not. In addition to the use of the stirrup, the build-up of dental plaque also causes the gums to swell. Therefore, remember to clean your teeth at least twice a day to cope with the swelling of the gums.

However, if the swelling in the gums still no change despite trying the above tips, please consult to the dentist or orthodontic specialists you get advice for prevention and treatment of knowing what can be done to treat swollen gums.

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